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Danielle A.
30 January 2016 @ 07:48 pm
Hello, and welcome to my dusty LiveJournal!

I opened up this account before to join in the Where I Belong challenge in August 2012, but couldn’t find an appropriate use for it. (Even now, I can’t say I’m actually using it.)

Meanwhile, you can find me and most of my works and random ramblings on the following sites:

Tumblr - http://cyanoscarlet.tumblr.com

This here's my personal blog, and pretty much a dump of everything fandom-related. I'm active here!

Dreamwidth - http://cyanoscarlet.dreamwidth.com

This account's mainly for PWKM purposes. I've only been active on the KM since late December 2015, but I'll be sure to stick around and contribute as much as I can. As for the journal itself, however, I highly doubt I'll be using it.

For media-specific works:

FanFiction.Net - http://fanfiction.net/~kuchikijeanne
AO3 - http://archiveofourown.org/users/cyanoscarlet

Written works here. All my fanfiction have already been updated on both accounts, as of now. Additional random word vomit that I do not (yet) wish to associate with my FF.Net account are on AO3, as well.

DeviantART - http://cyanoscarlet.deviantart.com
Pixiv - http://pixiv.me/cyanoscarlet

Graphics and drawings here, as well as random tidbits of short prose, some of which have not been posted on FF.Net.

YouTube - http://YouTube.com/user/cyanoscarlet

Some old AMVs when I had free time.

That’s pretty much everything so far. Just leave some comments wherever - feedback is always welcome and appreciated. See you around! :)